The Washington State Junior Program.

is a priority of all Washington pitchers


The State has two scholarship programs in place.

1) When a Jr. reaches 18 and has been actively involved for three years, they are eligible to apply for a $1000 college or tech school scholarship.

2) In addition, Art and Carol Sperber have set up a personal scholarship fund which can be applied for also.

Each year the State raises funds to help send as many juniors to the World Tournament as possible. This is done by raffles, 50/50 draws, donated items that are bid for and generous donations by individuals.

State clubs work with the local high schools in putting on demonstrations to encourage students to become involved.

We have been recycling donated trophies and using them as added awards for our juniors at many of our tournaments.

Our 2018 State Boys Jr. Champion is: No Entries

Our 2018 State Girls Jr. Champion is: No Entries

Our 2018 State Cadet Champion is: No Entries